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I was an early adopter of Facebook for law firms.  I’m not sure I ever really considered why but, if potential clients were on a platform, then I guess we should be there too.


Then I noticed engagement on the platform waning over time.  Playing with FB ads for a bit and saw the  engagement return to previous levels. Yay me.  The question remained: was it worth it?


1. Time

What is your hourly rate? 


Now consider how much time you will spend developing your Firm’s Facebook presence. 


What is the return?  Is there a return?


I wasn’t readily able to quantify this.


I’ve played with creating content in-house.  I’ve played with outsourcing.  Measured against the fabled “hourly rate”, outsourcing wins everytime.  

2. Content

Search engines thrive on content.  Unique content.  Simple regurgitating what every other firm is saying isn’t going to cut it.  


Delivering unique content will set you aside for the herd.  Telling a story is an easy way to do this –  perhaps try providing a few case notes? 


Remember who your desired audience is. Your grasp of Latin may be impressive, but it is unlikely to be engaging.  Entertain your reader. 


It will probably take you a few hours to create something unique and engaging. Could those few hours be spent more productively?  When I say “productively”, I really mean profitably

3. Signpost

Don’t think of your Facebook page as a destination.  It is not a substitute for your website.  Rather, see it as a signpost to your website: pointing Facebookers in the right direction to help them to convert into new instructions.  

4. Call to action (CTA)

Always sign off by letting your reader what you would like them to do next.  This might be to direct them to fill in a webform of lift the phone to you.  You have taken them this far after all. 

5. Return on investment (ROI)

“How did you hear about us?”


Instil in all fee-earners and support staff the fundamental importance of asking this question of all new  leads.  Correlate their answers.  Some might surprise you!


Compare this to what it cost you, be that time or money, to secure your new instructions.  That’s your answer…   

To find out how delivering unique, engaging content to your law firm clients can help to transform your bottom line, get in touch.