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If you contemplating joining the legal Twitterati this might help get you started:

Setting up your account

Select a unique username (‘handle’) that ties in with your firm’s branding on other social media. I’d avoid underscores (@your_firm) or numbers (@yourfirm7). You can use a maximum of 15 characters here. To my mind, less is more…

Complete your profile

Your logo is as good a profile pic as any. Make sure you have a decent resolution and that the image is crisp. The guidelines are 400px x 400px. JPG, GIF or PNG are all good.


Select an appropriately sized image as a header. Law books are boring. Think of something that might encourage potential clients to engage.


Your firm name is probably as good as any here. You have 50 characters to play with…


You have a 160-character limit. Make them count. Don’t go overboard with #hashtags you might never even use. One or two is more than enough. Some firms include their phone number and numerous means of getting in touch. My preference is for a single landing point either your homepage or a specific page on your site


Tell people where you are… obviously.


Be sure to include a link to your preferred landing point – perhaps your Home page or your latest Blog post?


Give some thought to developing a unique #hastag for your business #LawMarketer but also to engaging with others to get your content before a broader audience #blawg. Include these whenever you Tweet.


Social Media is not a replacement for your website. Rather, your Twitter stream should be used as a means of directing traffic to your website to convert those clicks to instructions.


Think about who will maintain your Twitter account and what guidelines you might need to put in place to ensure your tweets are “on message”. The Law Society of England & Wales has produced a comprehensive practice note on business management and social media.


The legal marketing guru Nick Jervis devotes less than 1% of The Law Firm Growth Formula to Social Media. Bear this in mind when considering how much time you should commit to your firm’s Twitter presence.

To find out how delivering unique, engaging content to your law firm clients can help to transform your bottom line, get in touch.